Year 7 Transition

The step from primary to secondary school for many students and their families can be quite daunting and exciting. The new students are now are part of a much bigger school community where they are confronted with many new challenges. They need to cope with an increased student population, a wider range of subjects, new teachers, a new timetable, travelling on public transport, making new friends and a greater demand on being organised and independent.

Pastoral Care Teacher

For these reasons we run a Year 7 Transition Program. The main feature of the Program is to link each class group to a Homeroom Teacher who will provide the necessary support to each student as he copes with the many changes. The Pastoral Care Teacher usually teaches the class for two or three periods in a day. This allows the teachers to get to know the students well and for the students to feel more confident.

The Year 7 Coordinator, along with the College Counsellor, provides support to the Pastoral Care Teacher and every Year 7 student. The Coordinator deals with the day-to-day issues associated with life in Year 7.

Orientation Day

Before each school year begins, an Orientation Day is held at the College. It is an informal day for the new boys to mix with one another and their new teachers.

Term 1

During the first three weeks of school, all students work through a ‘Beginnings Unit’ in the Religious Education unit. This provides each student with the opportunity to become familiar with the layout of the College, gain information about  the College’s history and general knowledge about its present community.


During Term 1 Year 7 students participate in an outdoor education activity camp program. The camp runs for three nights and four days and is held at Camp Tallawalla at Toolangi, near Yarra Glen. The camp provides students with a great opportunity to develop friendships and participate in a range of exciting outdoor adventure activities.

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