Our Expectations

As members of a Christian community we acknowledge the sacredness of our personal and communal lives. We take responsibility for our personal growth and the welfare of our college community. As a consequence, students of Simonds Catholic College are encouraged to develop a self-discipline based on respect for self, others and the environment. Good manners and a sense of responsibility are expected at all times.

Respect for Self

Respecting my own person enables me to grow in dignity and to achieve all that I am capable of achieving. As part of this I will:

  • Always do my best and work to achieve my potential.
  • Be prepared for each lesson with the books and equipment needed and complete all homework and assignments on time.
  • Act safely by obeying rules for yard activities; observing safety regulations in classrooms; obeying road rules and regulations regarding proper use of public transport.
  • Wear the correct school uniform with pride.
  • Take responsibility for my own property and ensure my name is on all my belongings.
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle by not indulging in smoking, alcohol or illegal drugs at school. These substances are strictly forbidden on the school premises, in school uniform anywhere, or at school related activities including travelling to and from such activities.

Respect for Others

By respecting others I enhance their self-esteem and help them to recognise their personal abilities. As part of this I will:

  • Respect the right of teachers to teach and the right of students to learn.
  • Show good manners and be considerate to all members of the college community: staff, students, parents and visitors. 
  • Be proud of the achievements of others and encourage fellow students to always do their best.
  • Be punctual to classes so that lessons are not delayed or interrupted.
  • Exercise good manners when using public transport and when waiting at tram or bus stops and train stations.
  • Respect the rights and differences of others by being tolerant of people who have different opinions. Insults, physical or verbal harassment, bullying and fighting deny people their respect and dignity.
  • Use language that is respectful and appropriate.
  • Be aware of the physical safety of others by avoiding dangerous running, pushing and careless or rough play.
  • Respect the property of others, including school property.

Respect for the Environment

By respecting the environment I acknowledge the sacredness of God's creation and my responsibility for its development. To achieve this I will:

  • Look after all school buildings and equipment. Destruction of school property and graffiti degrade the school environment and have a negative effect on all members of our school community.
  • Help to keep classrooms and the yard free of litter. This will involve assisting with clean-up in my Home Room and in the yard.
  • Support recycling by using the blue recycle bins in the yard for empty drink cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles.
  • Use containers and wrapping paper for items of food and drink are to be disposed of in rubbish bins.
  • Report to a member of the school staff any accident that involves damage or breakage of property.
  • Not bring chewing gum to school, as it can damage carpet and other property.