School Improvement Plan

Simonds is committed to continuous improvement.

The School Improvement Framework is an ongoing, cyclical process whereby schools reflect on their achievements, examine data about school performance and identify areas for improvement. Staff, students and parents have the opportunity to participate in annual surveys as part of evidence gathering regarding goal achievement.

Strategic Goals for the four year period, 2015-2019, have been determined and Annual Action Plans formulated to target all facets of College operation.

Strategic Goals 2015 - 2019

  • To create a vibrant learning community characterised by a shared vision, a strong sense of teamwork and focused on continuous improvement in learning and teaching.
  • To create a stimulating and dynamic learning culture that promotes high personal achievement and which encourages students to assume responsibility for their own learning.
  • To have staff, students and parents identify more fully with the Catholic culture of the college and the centrality of Religious Education.
  • To develop an effective, coordinated and consistent approach to student wellbeing.
  • To establish a strong connection between students, families, the wider community and Simonds Catholic College.