The College Board

The College is managed by the Simonds Catholic College Board, under delegation from the Canonical Administrator, in accordance with the Constitution which is approved by the Archbishop. According to the provision of Canon Law the College Board acts as a Board of Management, and is responsible to the Canonical Administrator who in turn is subject to the vigilance of the Archbishop (Canon 1279).

The Responsibilities of the Board are:

  • To support actively Catholic education as described in "The Code of Canon Law" and in the directions and guidelines determined by the Archbishop, by:
  1. maintaining the Catholic nature of the College;
  2. ensuring that the "Guidelines for Religious Education of Students in the Archdiocese of Melbourne" 1995 or other additional or revised guidelines/directives are followed;
  3. promoting the development of a Christian community within the College; sponsoring a comprehensive curriculum which underpins the specific Catholic ethos of the College;
  4. becoming involved as appropriate in other Catholic adult education initiatives within the local community.
  • To establish, ratify and review regularly the objectives of the College.
  • To select and determine policies in consultation with appropriate parties which will assist the Canonical Administrator, Principal and staff in working towards these objectives as stated in 1 above.
  • To evaluate the effects of the Board's decisions in achieving these objectives.
  • To ensure on behalf of the college community that the curriculum and educational standards are adequate to meet the needs of the students.
  • To plan, implement and evaluate the financial and building programs necessary for the recurrent and long-term effectiveness of the College in accord with its responsibility to consult appropriately with various diocesan and civil authorities.
  • To manage the College's finances.


Membership of the Board

  • The Parish Priest of West Melbourne
  • The Principal, who shall be the Executive Officer of the Board
  • An Honorary Financial Adviser (or the College Finance Manager)
  • An Assistant Principal
  • A member of the staff of the college, elected by the staff
  • A minimum of four parents, elected by parents with boys at the college
  • Up to three members, nominated by the Board for specific purposes and for a limited time and approved by the Canonical Administrator.