Our Vision and Values

In 2016, all staff came together on several occasions specifically  to re-evaluate what the Vision, Mission and Values of Simonds Catholic College should be in a world for which change is the new status quo.  The results of our discussions follows:

Our Vision is to develop confident, well rounded young men who have hope for their future

Vision Mission Values

Our Mission:

The Simonds Catholic College community, united in faith, inspires young men to become active, global citizens. Guided by Gospel values, we provide a safe and supportive learning environment in which each student is individually known.We challenge our students to become courageous, resilient and hope-filled.

We value:

  • Catholic beliefs and teachings, particularly those relating to justice, charity and compassion. We encourage everyone to give of themselves, allocating time and other resources to people who are in need, both within and beyond the school community; 
  • pastoral programs that promote an appreciation for the whole person. We foster a spirit of mateship that strengthens through the school years, forging lifelong bonds;
  • respectful behaviour. We strive to provide a collaborative and supportive learning culture that recognises the dignity of each person. Respect for self, others and the environment is intrinsic to school life;
  • inclusivity, respecting people of all cultures, genders and religions who act in empathy with our values;
  • fully committed teachers who provide contemporary and purposeful learning for all students;
  • motivated students who actively pursue excellence and assume responsibility for their own learning. 

“Dear Young People… Do not be afraid to dream of great things” (Pope Francis)

Statement of Democratic Principles

The programs of, and teaching in, a school must support and promote the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

elected Government;
the rule of law;
equal rights for all before the law;
freedom of religion;
freedom of speech and association;
the values of openness and tolerance.

Simonds Catholic College is committed to the principles of a liberal democracy.

We believe in an accountable, democratically elected government.
We respect and observe the rule of law, and believe that no person is above the law.
We believe in equal rights for all before the law, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender or other attributes.
We believe not only in the freedom of religion, but also the need to practice tolerance and understanding of others' beliefs.
We believe in the value of freedom of speech and freedom of association, but also acknowledge that we have the responsibility not to abuse this freedom.
We believe in the values of openness and tolerance, and value and respect all members of the school community regardless of background.