Design, Creativity and Technology

In the Design, Creativity and Technology domain, we design things creatively using available technology and equipment.

The three subject areas in the faculty are Design and Technology (designing using materials such as wood, plastic and metal) Food Technology and Systems (designing using electrical components).

In the DCT subjects, students use complex skills to create and produce particular end products, whether it is a furniture design, electronic components for a walkie talkie or a carefully planned meal to meet certain dietary requirements. Courses are designed for students to be creative problem-solvers. They learn to work in teams and as well as individuals. Students also learn to comment on these processes and evaluate their work.

The subjects in the DCT faculty are exciting and inspiring as they engage not just the mind but also include the practical side of actually making something.


Design and Technology

Students make use of computers in the design process. Theylearn to use various materials and a range of hand tools when engaging in production techniques. The boys generate ideas for designing models and then produce these designs.


Food Technology

Students take part in such things as selecting seasonal fruit and making platters (year seven), designing family meals (year nine), preparing a Mediterranean banquet (year ten) and creating finger food for parties (year eleven).

Systems Technology

Students develop knowledge and skills in basic circuit board construction. As an elective class in year ten, Systems gives, students the opportunity to learn about Radio Frequency (RF) electronics in order to assemble their own Walkie-Talkie.