Science is the search for answers. We use Science to extend our understanding of factors that affect our lives to what can’t be seen, felt, heard or touched but can only be imagined.

In asking why and how? Science looks beyond the surface, beyond the bubbles, the pops and the explosions to understand the processes that happen underneath to explore, develop and improve the quality of life for all.Science at Simonds aims to provide learning that develops analytical thinking and scientific knowledge while nurturing curiosity and creativity in its students.
It develops its’ students’ understanding through the use of science ideas, theories and models applied to society in which its students live.
It expands students’ understanding to discover that Science is not only in the laboratory but in their bodies, in the world that surrounds them.
It reflects upon successes, setbacks, developments and implementations of past and emerging technologies.
It provides students with an awareness of how fragile we all are, how we all need food, water and shelter. It teaches personal and global responsibility for the quality of life on Earth.
Simonds develops students as scientists in their own right by forming opinions and making discoveries in their lives by using, testing and retesting their curiosities to better understand the world. Its students learn about safe laboratory practices, developing skills in the use of scientific equipment and acting responsibly and ethically.
The units focus on biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, environmental science and issues in science.
Year 8 - Cells Unit

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