The Mathematics program at Simonds caters for the varying learning styles found amongst our students.

The Mathematics Curriculum is enriching and progressive where the focus is to broaden students’ experience in Mathematics by using the most appropriate textbooks that incorporate the use of technology, engaging students in a variety of assessment tasks such as problem solving investigations, using the scientific and graphics calculator in all year levels and providing students with the opportunity to extend their skills in a variety of computer programs.

The Mathematics Program has been designed with the prime goal of creating a classroom that is a positive and stimulating environment, whereby our students can be the best they can be to realise their own true potential and forge a successful pathway to pursue their career aspirations. It not only helps meet the needs of students’ with developing skills, but also provides opportunities for those students who wish to further challenge and extend themselves.


The extension activities offered foster a love of Mathematics and help build upon students’ problem solving skills, a vital tool for the challenges that await them in the VCE. The activities offered include: The Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians; The Australian Mathematics Competition for the Westpac Awards, The Annual Mathematics Games Days and the Australian Mathematical Olympiads. I am so very proud to say, that our students thrive in these activities and our results are some of the best in the state.