The English curriculum is designed to foster and support the development of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

In order to achieve this, students across all year levels are invited to read, view and respond to a number of interesting and engaging texts. In the study of these texts, students focus equally on creating and analysing, understanding and interpreting, and then move beyond interpretation to reflection and critical analysis. Also central to the teaching of English at our school is the concept of Language, including the use of language, the development of linguistic competence, and the development of knowledge about language.

The Victorian Curriculum F-10,  on which our curriculum is based, suggests that ‘Understanding texts and recognising how language works within them is necessary for success at school and beyond for an active, informed and fulfilling life in modern Australian society and the global community.’ It is through this understanding of texts and language that students are able to acquire the knowledge, skills and personal qualities that enable them to read, view and listen critically. It also facilitates an ability to think, speak and write clearly, confidently, appropriately and with purpose.

At Simonds Catholic College, English teachers are committed to planning exciting and challenging lessons. Because of this, the English program caters for the needs and interests of a diverse range of learning styles, whilst simultaneously cultivating an enjoyment and appreciation of our language.

Whether students are being introduced to the world of drama, or are passionately debating current issues, the English classroom is always a hive of activity. Yet it can also be a quiet sanctuary where students can hone their writing skills, or simply experiment with the reading of a myriad of genres in the wider reading program.


Throughout the year, students are invited to extend themselves by taking part in a number of English competitions. Competitions are also held regularly within the school to further promote the study of English. The amount of participants and the extent to which they succeed, speaks volumes about the calibre of students who walk the halls of our school.